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? ? ? ? Had you taken care the land below the foot that has taken every day? Had you taken care the speech of the people that hears every day? Do you leave a heart to blossom every day too the flower of the phraseology that is by the side of him lip? Had you taken care those characters that had spread from at present?
Mr Zhu Guangqian is in " talk about literature " in one book, refer literature and Chinese, have a paragraph of such word:
? I saw literary work once upon a time, photographing those who draw an attention is the content that average person place says. If what it writes thought or affection itself are fascinating, I feel it is good, the language character that notices it far from how. Anyway Chinese is the bridge that crosses a river, crossed a river, the stand or fall of the bridge need not was in charge of. In recent years, my habit mends his ways completely already. Work of a literature arrived hand, my the first pace takes care its Chinese. If it is in this respect is amiss, I am cool to its affection any better. I must beg beautiful affix, on purpose illuminative article makes me detestable; What what I ask is the wonderful Tuo Tie of Chinese, what want in the heart say draw up with the place in the hand agree completely what come, unambiguous is not exaggerative also, arrangement of the properest words and expressions is in the properest place. That one word has that one view only, slightly increase and decrease is altered, not be so one and the same... the Chinese of this kind of accurate Tuo Tie is not easy thing quite, what it needs acuteness is sensitive, of the extreme careful and precise and extremely difficult struggle. Average person is drift along only, when arriving to be not differred roughly, make excessive demands no longer.
Some people also like to read a book very much it seems that at ordinary times, but language character level or not beautiful. Also a few love to visit the student of the book quite, have insight extremely to person and thing, dan Wenzhang always appears coarse, civil sentence confused, diction is optional. Investigate its reason, it is to be in the process that reads a book, of attention is expressive content merely, namely what did the article write, ignored expressive form however, namely how is the article written, this is the Chinese consciousness that lacks consciousness, lack antonym character character to apply go up take care.
It is text world likewise, the essential distinction of Chinese course and other subject depends on, what other subject pays close attention to is " saying content " , also be namely " what to say " ; Only what Chinese course pays close attention to finally is " saying form " , also be how to be conveyed namely. Pay close attention to attentively only " how to say " , base oneself upon the form at expression, ability holds well and truly " what to say " , comprehend expressive content.
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