Experience of outstanding examinee study talks about the university entrance exa
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I have a method, classmates might as well draw lessons from. 3 days before the university entrance exam two, I imagine the atmosphere of examination room is very nervous, arrived to yield the rate that the person chokes almost, enhance oneself to bear with this face the capability that checks pressure. And when walking into examination room, you can discover invigilate teacher is very kind, examinee people expression is very relaxed also, the nervous feeling in your heart is met by the atmosphere place amortize of this harmony, disappear completely even. I overcame the difficult problem of extreme nervousness when the exam so namely, normal ground developed his standard. Hope this is helped somewhat to extensive candidate for an entrance examination.

A few issues of the attention want in the university entrance exam:

1, oneself must not be changed at will when taking an examination of the order becoming a problem of one be used to.

2, not cogged, also do not think cogged, lest cause the attention of invigilate teacher, because the teacher's attention can make examinee more nervous.

3, the Morpheus before the exam must enough.

Expostulatory: The university entrance exam is the comprehensive examination of pair of examinee intelligence, mental efforts, physical strength, be developed normally even if win out.




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