Experience of outstanding examinee study talks about the university entrance exa
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A few experience in the life:

1, CS is in tall 3 give up are not dropped, want Buddhist monastic discipline to begin from second year in high school!

2, QQ is used less, too beautiful energy and time.

3, do not want a person to hire a house to live around the school, unless you contain power to your,have huge hope.

4, should be in charge of to oneself and other, him both neither suffers the effect with fluctuant feeling, also do not affect others.

5, the biological clock that holds oneself, build to suit his already feasible and time of significant work and rest, do not sleep same or late with others blindly or rise early.

6, to those already clever can take an examination of the high component, student that still does not learn again, I suggest you are hit play table tennis, bowling or learn to learn the 2nd foreign language, make friend more, develop found socially in the future for oneself.

Expostulatory: Tall 3, play less to learn more, how long skill.

Answer the university entrance exam of freely

The university entrance exam of correct look upon is very important, the view that I offer myself with period cast a brick to attract jade-offer a few commonplace remarks by way of introduction so that others may come up with valuable opinions.

The university entrance exam is a fairer exam, this confirms through many student. It is approbated extensively by people and apply, its reason depends on it can letting outstanding student show " outstanding " and be come out by choose. Outstanding examinee need not worry about error of the university entrance exam commonly, because the university entrance exam resembles one side mirror, meeting bona fide reflects the condition that gives you, what naturally body reveals you is outstanding, this includes intellectual competence and psychological quality of course. The comes from each respect pressure that tall examinee gets is very complex, deal with very hard also. But having a kind of pressure is OK also reduce, this faces the pressure when taking an examination of namely.
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