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2, encounter won't the problem asks a teacher more, the teacher often can teach you relevant knowledge when solving specific problem.

3, the individual is reviewed in the home and had better not not go to school, because so successful case does not see more.

4, handle every time exam, practice seriously, must not make examination paper or the examination paper that copy others at will, in that way bad habit causes the error in the university entrance exam will be beyond recall.

5, review, attention should be focussed when feigned course of study, had better not hear music.

6, when doing a large number of experienced exercise in school work, must consult more textbook, especially maths, physics.

Expostulatory: Hear the teacher's word! Rely on oneself hard! !

Much appearance lives colorfully

My Gao Sansheng is rich and colorful alive. Fear elite, stone implement, VCD, billiards instead, brush night, GRE, TOEFL, maths, physics, English, chemical contest to wait for to also be done not have little. I am the sort of play desperately, more the student that learns desperately. For the study in physical course middleman and guarantor lives position of " overlord " , I ever was in in room temperature of grand winter festival centigrade in 10 degrees of the following bungalow, struggle hard arrives before dawn two at 3 o'clock; To capture English closes, I ever attended class in the place that goes to 20 lis leaving home after school everyday in the evening at 10 o'clock half, those who be as long as nearly two years is long. There is extracurricular textbook forever in the satchel that carried 6 years on the back only; Used plastic jug of 6 years one day to want fill full water 3 times only, accompany me to come home to midnight. However, once have bit of leisure, I can resemble room of company, billiards in Internet bar, sound again enjoy oneself so much as to forget to leave. After-thought rises now, I feel " of " excessive attention to plaything saps the will is logion of through the ages, have an insatiable desire for the experience that play to be able to be done only make opposite teaching material, bring please with Buddhist monastic discipline.
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