Learn the basic study method of Chinese
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? ? ? ? (3) fixed read the importance of time. Learning Chinese should be a light study activity. Study Chinese need not learn actually painstakingly, what it leans is accumulate over a long period is mixed gradually accumulate. It is very important to take out a few times fixedly to undertake read and be composinged everyday. After read and writing consummate to be a habit, an any classmates can are opposite " Chinese " generation interest, develop " hobby " . For a long time your culture details is met deeper and deeper.

? ? ? ? (4) lay firm Chinese foundation. From ancient up to now, almost each student is from study Chinese introduction, begin " study " . Chinese is other the foundation of all course, number, manage, change, history, the understanding that each course such as the ground, sagacious cannot leave pair of written languages. Because this classmates must want lay firm Chinese foundation, the range that the ABC of Chinese respect involves is very wide, learn Chinese to cannot lean temporarily assault, want to rely on to take the control of ABC seriously at ordinary times, accumulate more, much more Baconian, ability is accomplished " thick accumulate thin hair " . Literary ABC is very extensive, have literature of common sense of speech, character, term, sentence, canto, punctuation mark, rhetorical gimmick, literature, ancient time appreciate of word of writing of common sense, author, poem, syntactic application, these knowledge should be accomplished master respectively, the method is to be read more, write more, much much cento, more Baconian.

? ? ? ? (5) should stress study result. Basically be to establish proper study manner and adopt accurate study method, make clear the purpose of study, make study plan. Study an attitude rightly, learning Chinese is very important in this course, consult a teacher more at ordinary times, discuss with the classmate more, have make a thorough inquiry more, be helpful for improving study efficiency. Classmates master good study method even, study the study experience of others more, exploration gives the study method that suits him style. Induce and accumulate the connection between knowledge what should value language feeling education, knowledge particularly to wait a moment.

? ? ? ? (6) should take the study point related summary seriously, condense intellectual elite. For example:
? ? ? ? 1. The element of narrative: The origin of time, place, character, thing, development, result.
? ? ? ? 2. Show the element of article: The join of order of object and feature, specification, method, language and viewpoint.
? ? ? ? 3. The element of argumentative writing: Argument, argument, argumentation.
? ? ? ? 4. The expressive means of the article: Narrate, specification, eristic, depict, lyric.
? ? ? ? 5. Rhetorical method: Analogy, personification, hyperbole, parallelism, antithesis, repeatedly, set ask, rhetorical question, contrast.
? ? ? ? 6. The method of portraiture: Depict of appearance, language, movement, psychology.
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