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? ? ? ? (one) what to learn Chinese to should learn? The basiccest problem is the culture inside information that develops ourselves. Culture details is the basics that learns Chinese, only culture details was abounded, the thing be more than equal to a task that just can accomplish the right study all sorts of reading that train and so on of guidance of material, writing later. Accordingly, should read more a few history, pass, the book of abstract and so on, read the book of a few modern science, technology, literature, artistic and so on more. But read more merely see the effect more not very ideal, organic ground organizes the knowledge that still must want to go to study. Should read a certain quantity of postscript, our horizon was widened, ponder over a problem comprehensive also, then culture details began to abound. 2 should take seriously read history, (include history of social development, literature history, science history to wait) read pass, read tabloid, such gains will be very big. Read history, the ability that can increase us, learn, knowledge; Read pass, can let us feel the mentality of a historical great person is measured constantly, how should the route of the life that makes clear oneself go; Read tabloid, can let us learn how to accept or reject. We notice a lot of students bought a lot of introduction education to read capability, raise the book that writes a standard, when reading make pauses in reading unpunctuated ancient writings of article of scribal, collection. Undeniable this certain to learning Chinese to have help, but this is far insufficient, important is the culture details that raises us.

? ? ? ? (2) the 6 footwork that learn Chinese (1) . Understanding. Read a text, read explanatory note, after viewing a subject " think with the exercise " , see unit knowledge and training, after knowing these news, to sheet piece text and whole unit had an abecedarian impression and comprehensive knowledge. (2) . Check relevant cultural background and broom language barrier. (3) . Think independently. Important is according to clew, article, exercise the problem undertakes reflection. If whether the content of clew understood really, of the wraparound, administrative levels of article topic differentiate, paragraph the problem such as the understanding of the Baconian, sentence of meaning, analysis that writes characteristic whether solve, the exercises after the class whether reply. Those ABC capability of solid, good from study be used to, self-study is strong, have the fellow student that studies spirit, in " think " the respect wants appropriately ego demand is a few higher. (4) . Annotate on. . Go up in the local bid that does not understand namely symbol. Use like the place that does not know " ? " , the place of the key is used " ※ " , approved word teachs oneself before the class, had better use pencil, the word that approves after attend a lecture can be written with the pen, lest time one long, confused the viewpoint of oneself opinion and teacher. (5) . Doubt. Method of the opinion that is pair of articles, rhetorical gimmick, expression raise question, this is to become critically model the first pace of learner, the student becomes only critically model learner, ability has the study effect of get twice the result with half the effort. Be in for example " historical novel of the Three Kingdoms " , " Shui Hu is passed " in waiting for classic novel, have a lot of will right will go all out alone kill, should classmates think this is likely? If impossible, author why so write? (6) . Record. Had done namely read note.
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