Learn chemical basic study method
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? ? ? ? (2) , method of study of a pithy formula. The thing that the back wants to want to write down in chemistry is not little. Many classmates cannot remember because of common chemical element and begin to detest study chemistry. Make up these knowledge into relatively catchy a pithy formula, much more academic. Be like: Characteristic of the flaming in oxygen: The Yu Jin in oxygen can resume combustion, phosphor lights white soot to overflow. Iron lights Martian all sides to splash, sulfur lights violet light really bright. Be like again: Chloric in flaming characteristic: Phosphor is lighted chloric in aerosol boundless and indistinct, copper is lighted smoke shows palm to fizzle out. Hydrogen lights white of blaze dark green, sodium is lighted acuteness produce Bai Shuang.

? ? ? ? (3) , " element " the mainest essential factor that concept of study method chemistry is chemical course, it is to form chemistry all and main part of this huge machine. A series of basic theory in chemistry rely on these namely " main part " form. Study is consequently chemical, want to take the study of chemical concept seriously above all. How to treat the chemical concept with various amount to next, it is study in chemical process pressing the problem that should solve, for this, must bring what give priority to in order to remember into play all sorts of psychology elements. These concepts have distinction to have connection again already, because this is in,the 2nd pace after the connection that understands a concept and distinction works, should have the idea that all chemistry is medium acquiring comparative, classification, Baconian, form a large notional network, undertake be writinged down conciously again. Classmates want every to learn a new idea, undertake an analysis instantly, the intellectual system its him classify, induce namely go in whole idea network. If often can undertake be writinged down conciously so, criterion notional connection is met increasing, concept and meaning and the content that its generalize are richer also, deeper also to notional understanding. Write down the connection more that can make classmates find again conciously, notional net jumps over couplet bigger, what learn knowledge to be able to reach certain deepness and range.

? ? ? ? Chemical experiment also is chemical the element of this course. Chemical experiment is the important step that learns chemistry, classmates cannot serve as chemical experiment merely develop mastery of a skill or technique of a few operations or start work the method of ability, should take chemical experiment seriously more the action to chemical education. When average fellow student is doing chemical test, often be to reflect square make up a prescription. Read test report at the same time, do at the same time, see one pace make one step, conclusion is copied on the book namely, help without what so to learning chemistry. Right way is, when doing a test, it is prepare lessons before class first. Make clear place does content, the content sex of sufficient familiar reactant, child, reagent and turn a sex, meet according to reacting the principle tries to imagine reaction occurrence what phenomenon, what result, memorize each operation measure clearly, make report of good prepare lessons before class. When the experiment, observe a phenomenon carefully, change and the principle that oneself understand whether be identical. Be like " abnormal " if, not rapid move asks a teacher, oneself try to ponder over a likelihood to give the reason of the error, again according to reaction condition, redo, or change a condition a bit again experiment, consult a teacher again finally. The experiment ends junior travel brief summary, analyse the reason of the success in experimental process and failure, draw a lesson in time, can have progress.
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