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? ? ? ? Some people think chemistry is " the manage in article, manage Chinese, study rises very bored " . Its knowledge dot is very much and need memory. The color with idiosyncratic such as, condition, odour, dissolvability, oxidation or reproducibility, proportion is waited a moment, these intellectual places are very little very fragmentary also, but very important however, need learner must be written down. Very much chemical title often finds out breach from inside these property. For example, the gas of odour of a kind of smelly egg appeared in the title, can decide for H2S; After two kinds of solution mix, show sanguine, can conclude existence Fe3 and ScN, etc. Chemical academic colour is very strong, accordingly it pays attention to education and the understanding that develop a student to use capacity more, pay attention to each knowledge more the immanent connection between the dot and move receive analogize ability (to organic chemistry especially important) . Did not master these two kinds of ability goodly, probably the student can learn from good examples individually paragraphic, but once take an exam integratedly, still meet have too many problems to deal with. Try each knowledge dot only systematization, consecution is changed, inside receive outside couplet, freely across, make intellectual highway net, ability is in the chemical exam that emerge in endlessly advance and retreat freelies, do a job with skill and ease. It is below a few learn chemistry the basic method of this one class.

? ? ? ? (one) , should pay attention to oxidation and reductive reaction above all. Oxidation and reductive reaction are perforative of chemistry of whole middle school from beginning to end, it is the academic part that needs particularize. The oxidisability that should memorize all sorts of common material not only, reproducibility reachs his to lose relatively by force, and want with electronic gain and loss, chemical combination price rises fall, equation matchs smooth, electrode to react type is contacted cheek by jowl. This theory can use 6 words height to generalize: Low still, break tall oxygen. "Low still " , a kind of element gets means price of its chemical combination reduces electronic criterion, vice versa, at the same time this element by reductive, make reductive product; "Break tall oxygen " meaning kind with. The oxidisability as to each element and the material that make by its (or reproducibility) lose by force, be in with this element the positional be closely bound up in periodic chart. The discovery of elemental cycle law then of periodic chart found, it is the one big milepost of chemical phylogeny. Hold periodic table, the key grasps the following pattern: Advocate a group of things with common features of element of this a group of things with common features of = of a group of things with common features number highest of element of valence = this a group of things with common features the outerest electronic number; This electronic shell of periodic element counts periodicity = ; Atomic radius is counted by electronic shell (advocate because of) count with nuclear charge (second because of) collective decision; Same and periodic, from left and right, atomic radius is ordinal increase, same advocate a group of things with common features, from above to below, atomic radius is ordinal increase, electronic ability jumps over is weak (thereby oxidisability is weaker) , lose electronic ability stronger (thereby reproducibility is stronger) ; Agnate element chemistry has similar sex, etc. Chemical response rate suffers effect of intensity of pressure of reactant chroma, outside, temperature, activator; Chemical balance suffers effect of reactant chroma, intensity of pressure, temperature, have nothing to do with activator. About balancing mobile principle, most teacher stresses this principle medium " abate " 2 words. Abate do not be equal to eliminate, this are similar to the arris in physics second law. This principle agrees with not only chemical balance, and apply to ionization balance, the other such as deliquescent balance balances position.
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