Learn basic study method of maths
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? ? ? ? (3) the interest that develops pair of maths. In those days the reporter interviews famous mathematician Chen Jingrun, should asking about him is why to consider to count class hour, he did not say the word of high-sounding, however end at " amused " two words. The interest that develops pair of maths very be helpful for learning maths this class, actually maths is a kind of very wonderful science, interest sex is thicker. Classmates can learn two pairs through forming or the means of group of compositive interest study fosters him the interest that logarithm learns.

? ? ? ? (4) understanding a lesson is the premise that learns maths. Maths is the life in, also be the courses of very main a foundation in the university entrance exam, it is logistic to a person the demand of thinking ability is quite high. Does people analyse the problem, ability that solves a problem to come from over there? A very important way is through going up class hour listens the teacher analysis problem, train of thought when solving a problem and method. Can reduce a lot of processes that oneself fumble so, can yet be regarded as raises a shortcut of mathematical study ability. A same theme, we can think: Is the train of thought of the teacher that solve a problem what kind of? Is oneself train of thought how? Is distinction over there? Why the teacher's train of thought solves a problem faultlessly, and does oneself train of thought always have a kind of insufficient feeling? Ask a few more so why, virtually of the ability that solve a problem rose. Ability is not lofty thing, want effort of our conscientiously ground only, it can grow naturally rise.

? ? ? ? (5) study mathematics still has a few distinctive methods. Than if classmates are OK,undertaking posing a problem according to oneself need. The content that wants a new learning in the subject that arranges oneself and the content connection that learned in the past rise, this kind of method is helpful for learning the control of content system to place. Additionally maths, physics, chemical education practice makes clear " learn ahead " the method that dispute often is helpful for learning these science course, because " learn ahead " can accord with the characteristic with strong sex of science department order in order to increase the starting point of attend a lecture again.

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