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? ? ? ? (one) pay attention to mathematical premise. Although Chinese and maths are fundamental course, but with study Chinese differs, study mathematics must undertake by specific order. Have a lot of classmate maths result very poor, because did not understand basic idea,this is, did not master the premise skill that learns maths. When the mathematical teacher and student that accepts when these classmates does not suit the study style of themselves, go against the study mastery of a skill or technique that develops them or the concept that conformity learns certainly, at this moment they failed on mathematical study. Unfortunate is, average mathematical teacher and student is complete out textbook or education outline, and the concept that does not go paying close attention to a student to whether master place to learn. For example, a student learned the of 60% content of some chapter only, but the issue that plans when below study one chapter and other classfellow are euqally much, if cannot master the basic technical ability of premise sex, these students still are sure to continue to fail. How does ability make the classmate that learns mathematical difficulty learns maths? Have an idea only, come from the beginning, master the premise skill of mathematical study and concept.

? ? ? ? (2) evaluation understanding does an exercise to balance development with how. There is some of state now " new maths " faddish temporarily, it emphasizes solving law teacher and student with the problem, de-emphasis practices repeatedly, emphasize evaluating however, decide the rationality of the answer, study relation and pattern. Change kind of view, emphasize information lesser processing mastery of a skill or technique, the understanding that more emphasizes thinking and use capacity. In the computer already very all-pervading today, this kind of method is to ought to be advocated those who use, but the limitation that we also ought to see it soberly. Accordingly we advocate the balance develops, the understanding that emphasizes a student namely and use capacity, also emphasize student information process capability rise. Change character, we should ask classmates learn the validity of evaluation, certain result already, research discusses the concern between mathematical concept, also should advocate start work appropriately have a practice. Want to consolidate mathematical knowledge reachs control level, doing a few exercise in school work is no good. Because be inscribed through doing not only the knowledge that can make oneself master is firmer, more masterly, still can raise the accuracy rate that solves a problem. After all the study that the process that mathematical solution inscribes is knowledge of sex of a kind of program, mere understanding is clear, and do not go becoming a problem, be good without law maths. Some classmates bought a lot of reference book, immerse oneself in hardworking, use the tactics that inscribe the sea, connect even " 5 stars inscribe a library " had done, but this kind of practice also is unscientific, and often be done is to doing useless work. Want when becoming a problem " problem " the type is distinguished, the title of same kind does not want blindly, reiterate. Should after every finish to be inscribed together, want to add on a few marginalia after the problem, where is the emphasis that shows this problem, where is the hang that solves a problem. Hold to so do, results will very rich. Same kind how many ability does the title do to accord with the rule of mathematical study? Without specific standard, the amount that has a practice with reaching skilled level is compared for the standard appropriate.
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