Learn basic study method of physics
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? ? ? ? (3) more than 3 laws. Alleged " more than 3 laws " point to namely, "Much understanding, much exercise, much summary. " much understanding, since is mutiple level, much angle ground understands. Much understanding wants to hold the prepare lessons before class before the class and classroom listen to a talk closely, understand truly. Practice more, basically point to consolidate intellectual exercise. Do the work after good subject for example, undertake drilling wait to the exercises of all sorts of types. Practice also pointing to psychological quality more " exercise " . The mistake that is Baconian after the exam him analysis, weak sports, so that be overcome in the future, make clear truly oneself advantage and weakness, understand to answer when attend a lecture in the future more thereby " much understanding " where, the class falls to practice what title more, form benign loop. Much summary, should undertake detailed classification to classroom knowledge above all, arrange. Summary gives all sorts of knowledge to nod the connection between, clear intellectual network is formed in brains. Should be opposite next all sorts of " problem " solve a method to undertake analyse and be generalizinged.

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