Learn basic study method of physics
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? ? ? ? 1, no matter be of the teacher,demonstrate, still be oneself start work experiment, want to master measure of experiment principle, purpose, requirement, trial and instrument to use a method. Want to observe a phenomenon carefully, ponder over summary rule seriously, conclude, avoid by all means watchs the scene of bustle not to think only.
? ? ? ? 2, the habit that wants nurturance to observe subtly. In the observation to physical phenomenon, the problem that classmates exist generally is bad at comparing, do not search to give the distinction between the thing and connection. Want special attention two not similar congener thing. Want to discover its apparent differentia already, also want to discover its not obvious same point; Should notice to have already intense excitant part, have should notice inconspicuous part. Should be good at catching subtle, special a few phenomena that show nothing more than, discover others undiscovered thing from inside the phenomenon of others be accustomed to sth.
? ? ? ? 3, the phenomenon that should notice what fleeting. Of course, observation undertakes in the lab not only, expand even go among daily life. Want to always notice to exercise oneself real operation ability in the lab. Want to listen to the teacher's guidance carefully, master essentials of the purpose of the experiment, operation, the habit that him nurturance starts work, make oneself operation is accomplished stage by stage careful, carefully and nearly, accurate. OK still oneself start work make a few simple experiment instruments, it is OK to be returned conditionally trial assembly semiconductor reachs the model plane that make to wait, this can deepen the understanding of pair of electricity and mechanical action principle, it is pure place reading a book cannot get. Have hand head only and can make with ability oneself more the heart is deft.

? ? ? ? (2) " physical method " add " physics is analysed " the shortcut that is study physics. Some classmates think respecting method feels empty, cannot do it. Actually the method should become a masterstroke, the key is specific to methodological detail. Physical analysis is very crucial, physical problem is Protean, but remain essentially the same despite all apparent changes, key of in the final analysis is analysed in analysis getting power, process and athletic condition analysis is analysed 3 times this. Wanted to master these 3 analysises only, problems of all middle school physics be suddenly enlightened. In learning accordingly, must want to analyse fluctuation time in these 3. Do not have regular appropriate physics method of course, still cannot solve a problem. Same a title, the method is appropriate, solution problem is numerous brief differ ten million. With respect to middle school physics character, commonly used method has law of segregation law, whole law, subjunctive, induction, conservation, critical law to wait a moment. We are necessary to highlight the introduction critical law, alleged and critical law, it is a kind of method that points to when to assuming the object happens to be in some kind of critical condition, be used, this method often very effective. A lot of character that because be in the object of critical condition,have other state to fall to be not had. The practice that solve a problem makes clear, a lot of trival physics problems, once use critical law to solve, often become very easy and facilitating understanding. As to which kinds of method should be used when encountering specific problem, basically be through be being done more much summary is solved.
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