Learn basic study method of physics
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? ? ? A few of physics basic characteristics:
? ? ? ? (one) understand easily, remember hard. Because physics has a lot of processes in this class,this is often see in the life. For example in the future of the person when car is started falls, the person when brake is gone to pitch; The relation between electrical wiring degree of finish and the electric current that allow to pass; The athletic condition that all sorts of differring can produce after two sphere collide and direction are waited a moment. We can see these phenomena in the life, can understand more easily. But there are a lot of ideas on physics, make a lot of students always feel incomprehensible, remember hard. Because physical text book is to use,this is " deduce a law " write, those who use is not " historical law " . Physical division was abandoned to learn the history to develop those vivid and specific in the process plot in schoolbook. For instance " energy is a conservation quantity " this one thought is the ceaseless understanding that human course changes a course to athletic form ability summary comes out. Arrive from mechanical energy conservation accepted conversation of energy and change law this during experienced the time that has 150 years about. Ever had produced the story of rich and colorful in the process that a lot of concepts fashion, and omited in teaching material. Make so originally vivid and rich content appears as dry as a chip and understood hard, when contacting physical knowledge, accordingly a lot of classmates always are gutty " in the mist in the cloud " feeling.

? ? ? ? (2) have emphasize particularly on apparently. Although physics has a lot of branch, include among them: Mechanical, electromagnetism, acoustics, optical, atomic theory and heat. Involve in middle school physics only: Mechanical, electricity, magnetics, optical, heat. But only minority is to ask to master adroitly. Among them mechanical with electricity most important, mechanical be most fundamental branch, it is hub and masterstroke, do not have force to learn, physics lost cornerstone.

? ? ? ? (3) physics supports from what do not open maths. The settlement of a lot of physics problems the process needs not little operation, computation is accurate it is study physics and the basic skill that solve physical problem. For example the overlay that trigonometric function applicable measures at arrow and analysis. Because this says good mathematical strength,be to learn physics the safeguard of this course.

? ? ? ? Learn basic study method of physics:

? ? ? ? (one) the attention observes and be being accumulated is the basics that learns physics. It asks to notice to practice the method of observation in the experiment, exercise the ability that operates actually. Physical study refuses " assume sth as a matter of course " understanding viewpoint, must ground of step-by-step, conscientiously undertakes analysis and process are analysed getting power, it is very important to because this is paid attention to,observe and be accumulated. Observation should notice the following:
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