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? ? ? ? OK and simple cent is historical knowledge two kinds big: One kind is historicity ABC; Another kind is academic sex knowledge. Historicity ABC includes character of historical incident, history and the name and description of a thing, institutions, system to wait. Of the state that the change of the development that academic sex knowledge includes productivity, relations of production, class struggles, regime evolve into the relation between development and them. And all knowledge are comprise by 5 element -- it is time; 2 it is a place; 3 it is a character; 4 it is content; 5 it is an evaluation. Understood these characteristics, abide by these characteristics to study history family, ability holds the history the study rule of this course, like to go up gradually this science. Absorb culture nutrition from which.

? ? ? ? (one) history discuss tie, hold a person this key link, it is the basics that learns the history. Study history should find out main historical fact and fundamental conclusion above all. Any historical facts and fundamental conclusion are reflected commonly through historical character, because this must take the main achievement that finds out main historical character and him seriously, make basic accurate assessment to him. In wanting to put person of each history incident, history to historical endless flow next, go thinking, analysing them to reach the connection with around history in the position in whole history course again.

? ? ? ? (2) recital and understanding photograph are united in wedlock, it is easier to learn the history. Historical character, incident, conclusion, place, time, environment need to have memory, must carry on the back. If pure mechanical memorizing, its difficulty is greater still. Because this classmates must learn achieve mastery through a comprehensive study of the subject, integration analysis just goes. Author view wants first historical book " read thin " , however again historical book " read thick " . "Read thin " those who point to is to hold the history to develop process of level feature, main thread, development and development rule, clear the network of whole teaching material, administrative levels, system, form " knowledge is cultivated " . Those who change character, make fill the framework that puts specific history knowledge namely. "Read thick " it is to point to be in what had built " knowledge is cultivated " the fixed position of intellectual one by one that goes up to had learned to place, form the intellectual structure of clear full and accurate. Because understood the history only,the premise of development and regular ability are remembered better quite.

? ? ? ? (3) hold two union, it is better to watch historical event from taller angle the pattern that grasps historical development: Two union are freely union and union of China and foreign countries respectively. Vertical respect, it is to want to develop process of level, main thread, development and the level that develop the rule to come up from the history understanding; Horizontal respect is from contemporaneity, the level of the connection of the respect such as same country politics, science and technology, economy, culture will know the history, and contemporaneity understands on the level of the mutual connection between phenomenon of different country history. Only such ability learn the history more lucidly this course. Union of China and foreign countries is to show the history and world history put a contemporaneity China together to study an analysis, especially relevant content should be contacted more, such more be helpful for making clear Hunan history develops the rule.
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