Learn basic study method of English
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? ? ? ? (2) clear tense, voice, master the action with multiform verb adroitly. Phase of junior high school learns two kinds of 8 kinds of tense, voice and verb in all now 4 kinds of forms in the sentence, high school is even a few more complex. What classmates want to accomplish correct judgement and agile application tense, voice and verb is multiform, in any English exams almost the change that each problem cannot leave a verb.

? ? ? ? (3) take seriously read examination paper. Those who memorize him place to make is analysis, wrong, find out the reason that make a mistake to try to correct. This are in high grade is more important. Zhengzhou university has a Master to check gain for years is was pulled by English hind leg, once consulted the author technically for this. The author passes understanding discovery, its are main the mistake that the problem goes to often make same kind in him now namely, although others gives,still repeat make, germ did not find the reason that make a mistake namely.

? ? ? ? (4) everyday an essay is read, every week a written expression. Can read a few easy to read and understand English publications, resemble " 21 St Century " etc. Written expression can write the living petty thing that produces beside oneself, the word is not familiar and OK will solve through consulting a dictionary.

? ? ? ? (5) keep a diary with English. The word that even if be written only,wants to say in 9 hearts or a few words are OK also. Like writing a diary to resemble walking into nature, also be the panacea of open heart, once it is formed a habit, meet the good friend that becomes us to learn a foreign language.

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