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? ? ? ? As the wide application of the swift and violent development of current internationalization trend and high-tech technology, english this course becomes more and more important. Live in us this " earthly village " in, must admit English is one kind is close to most " universal language " language. Not only professional personage wants to learn, everyman also must learn. In recent years all sorts of exams (include: Take an examination of in, the university entrance exam, one's deceased father grind, professional exam, technology exam) the check difficulty to English class and range also are expanding stage by stage. But it also is a course that makes a lot of person sense in the end painful. The reason is English the memorial capacity of this course is a middle school in each division Cheng a bigger kind. After all the mother tongue that English is not us, have very big difference with our mother tongue to grammar from character, pronunciation.

? ? ? ? English is a kind of alphabetic writing, the word is the foundation of this language. Mastering a word adroitly is the measure that learns English to need. At the same time English grammar, especially verbal tense, voice and the different form in the sentence, have very big distinction with Chinese. Englishism study says the study that is program sex knowledge from theory, rely on memory to cannot achieve favorable result only. Still must ask the student has good thinking capacity, in the process that in allegation sexual knowledge transfers to program sex knowledge, need learner must focus attention highly and very make great efforts. A few basic methods that learn English are below.

? ? ? ? (one) insist to hear of training, deepen consolidate the word is in the trace in cerebrum.
? ? ? ? ① . Should insist to hear English tape everyday and recite accordingly. Even if everyday 20 minutes also go, the key is the habit that wants nurturance to hold to an exercise everyday. Nurturance of this kind of habit can make his English learns all one's life to be benefited later.
? ? ? ? ② . Insist to recite a word everyday. The depth that English word measures and range are a mark of stand or fall of result of foreign language study, master many word special the study that conduces to a foreign language.
? ? ? ? ③ . Insist to listen to English to broadcast a few minutes everyday, so that language of be skilful at feels. Listen to English broadcast to also conduce to study grammar knowledge.
? ? ? ? ④ . As far as possible " heart interpret " the English of bring into contact with. Be like the advertisement that shine and passes, now and then heard phrase or speech.
? ? ? ? ⑤ . Say a foreign language bravely, do not fear to make mistake. Study foreign language is brave in to ask others to correct even, not shy, more not disappointing.
? ? ? ? ⑥ . Excerption and record the sentence pattern of bring into contact with and habitual diction.
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