Learn the basic study method of high school politics
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High school politics emphasizes particularly on to be mixed at understanding to intellectual control memory, be like next proposals:

One, want to accomplish on the control that nods to basic knowledgeOne, want to accomplish on the control that nods to basic knowledgeThe keyword is changedThe keyword is changed, ,, Example is changedExample is changed, ,, Comparative connection is changedComparative connection is changed, and, andTypical and wrong correspondence is changedTypical and wrong correspondence is changed

1, " the keyword changes " : Should notice to discover on the control that nods to basic knowledge, in induce and generalizing a basic idea and principle " keyword " , mix at memory with benefit understanding. For instance, 3 action of law of value can generalize respectively for: "Adjust " , " exciting " , " promote " or " maize action " , " whippy action " and " bolt action " ; Those who raise the way of business economic benefits and method is OK at 3 o'clock wraparound for " internally " and " external " two big fields. The annex of the enterprise is " big fish has small fish " , the insolvency of the enterprise is understandable press legal process for the enterprise " euthanasia " etc. Of the keyword it is OK to generalize and be summed up oneself undertake, also can listen to the teacher's summary in order to attend class.

2, " example changes " : Abstract to comparing academic knowledge (compare cramped especially) , find a more typical example to assist understanding certainly, make abstract theory incorporate. For instance: Of market economy " blindness " OK and corresponding the drawing to textbook " be fooled and fall " ; The concept that understands commodity is contacted " the book that oneself use " not be commodity, and " the book that the bookshop sells " just be commodity. "The strong macroscopical attune of socialistic country is empty " can contact " the success of 6 shoots the look " , " 3 gorge project, enrage on the west east be defeated by the construction that waits for major project " etc. Of example search an attention to attend classFromSearch over there the teacher, OK also oneself are summed up, example should be the thing of the visual image such as material, chart, caricature, number.

3 " comparative connection changes " : To close, opposite concept and principle, put them one fast try to contrast and be contacted, than pure be close friends to understanding and memory. For instance, learn " value " , want comparative connection " use value " , " commutative value " , " the price " wait for a concept; Learn " the action of law of value " , want comparative connection " the common characteristic of market economy " ; Learn " enterprise " , want comparative connection " market main body " , " company " , " legal entity " wait for a concept. Every learn especially after the content of one class, want to do this one work. Should notice the teacher attends class additionally the summary above the summary in this respect and reference book.
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