Learn geographical basic study method
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? ? ? ? (one) , capture a map this clew learns geography. The study that takes a map seriously and apply.
? ? ? ? The map is the necessary tool that learns geography, also be " special geographical schoolbook " . The configuration of all sorts of geographical things, feature and space distributing etc, want to try to show with the map. Leave a map, classmates cannot form right dimensional idea, gain geographical knowledge. Accordingly, want to use a map adequately in study, exercise the interpret blueprints, capacity that uses a figure seriously, it is the crucial place that learns geography. Should learn interpret blueprints, with the graph, want to learn the ABC of the map, basic idea first, include to make clear woof of the direction on the map, scale, classics, contour line and relief map, and legend, note write down the ABC that waits for direction. If these ideas are not clear, won't apply, read a map correctly impossibly. Do not understand the nature of classics woof for example, do not talk to go up with classics abb net orient; All sorts of expression that what do not understand scale method and meaning, won't apply scale to measure an interval on the map; The meaning of not reasonable contour line and represent a means, the discretion that also does not talk to go up to judge the earth's surface with contour line map rises and fall the state is waited a moment.
? ? ? ? Commonly used map has: Illustration of wall map, graph book, textbook, fill pursues, should cooperate to use in study. Classmates are when interpret blueprints, must want to see these essential factor first, want the chart characteristic that the basis offers next, judging this is which kind of map, it is the graph of distributinging graph, principle graph, statistic graph, landscape graph or other. According to specific figure kind, use specific means interpret drawings.
? ? ? ? Of the map apply basically have so a few respects:
? ? ? ? 1, the space that uses county of area of country of politics area seal, province, city to wait distributings reach each other relative position. Read politics district plan, want to notice to observe a country, province (area) outline feature, content of director of and other places of river of churchyard mountains and rivers-land, repeat for many times on the foundation here read, the politics district plan of country or area is formed gradually in brains. Should appear only so when the graph of a certain country, the map of the concerned country of the memory in brains can emerge immediately come out, through connection, check moment can judge a this plan institute to show a country.
? ? ? ? 2, use relief map, memorial landform changes, landform area distributings, fluvial flow direction, fluvial appearance.
? ? ? ? 3, apply sketch map to reach concerned concept, geographical pattern, geographical principle will learn geography this course. The idea that should record in review, principle, rule is very much, some is stated in the character on relatively similar still, this brought a trouble to memory. If can have the aid of at sketch map, contain article can be at the graph in a piece of very simple sketch map, the incisively and vividly of the substaintial reaction of concerned concept, principle, impressive, forget hard.
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