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? ? ? ? Biology is life science, studying a target is the organism that has life feature. Biology basically includes: Physiology sanitation of the person, zoologic, botanical, microbiology. The life connection of this science and everybody is very close, after thorough knowledge, classmates can discover this science has very strong interest gender and practical. At the same time biology is the course with an experiment very strong sex, the check of experimental dug ability will be a key, this kind of title has certain difficulty, bigger to the achievement gradient influence of examinee.

? ? ? ? The basic method that learns exceedingly thing is below

? ? ? ? (one) , read and dug is the basics that learns biology course. The target that studies as a result of biology is very extensive, substantival concept is more, write down hard mix easily, body has any life to live differently again the rule and characteristics, passing observation merely is accomplish those who master these knowledge well hard. Through reading text book it is the important way that wins knowledge, study text book seriously only, ability development understands and firm control what learn knowledge. How to learn schoolbook? Want to learn teaching material seriously above all, analyse teaching material content, explore its knowledge structure, what can make classmates are read namely so is meticulous, also can write down clearly. For instance all biology are the organic life style that comprises by the cell, from elementary to advanced order it is microbial - plant - animal - the mankind. But rule of life of every kinds of biologic and characteristics each are not identical, think and this explores the connection between all sorts of knowledge and distinction with respect to need classmates, undertake analysing to the idea that encounter, make clear its connotation, know what congener concept has even, around wants to contact contrast when study, make clear without fail. Can read by the side of edge observation next, pass the phenomenon that sees in the life, in TV or the phenomenon that understands in other book, taking a problem to learn teaching material. For instance, crucian carp fish why body the reverse side is grey black, n is white however; Insect body feature why the difference is so big. Taking a problem to read a book, with respect to can easy concentration attention is explored.

? ? ? ? (2) , note observation and experiment. No matter be microbiology, botanical, zoologic still be physiology sanitation, very as close as actual connection. Because this wants study,should notice when be used to from observation experiment proceed with. Observation should have clear purpose, observe according to reasonable course. Concrete step and method are commonly: Arrive from whole part, first the interior after the surface, the reverse side after previous range, first above hind below, finally is arrive again from the part overall, want to produce a variety of sensory effect at the same time. Want to notice the experiment is operated not just to the experiment, the description of experimental phenomenon, master the complement of experimental measure even, the analysis of experimental result, explanation. Each processes of dug experiment. Design experiment should have contrast, how control variable according to the experiment suppose, what the experiment plans is reasonable make with carry out, specific requirement of the experiment and principle must accomplish know fairly well etc, do ability be more than equal to a task.
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