Chun Lei plans deliverance 13 years 50 thousand Yu Ming daughter child garden of
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Xinhua net Chongqing on May 8 report (reporter Xu Xuzhong) the reporter understands from Chongqing city the Women's Federation, begin to carry out from 1994 " Chun Lei plans " since, chongqing city in all discontinue one's studying of deliverance unable to go to school female child 50 thousand more than person.

? ? ? ? Chongqing city the Women's Federation says about chief, "Chun Lei plans " was 1989 female Tong Chong returns the be deprived of education of area of poverty of a deliverance that foundation of Chinese children girl is initiated and the organization implements the social commonweal career of campus. Chongqing city already carried out 13 years up to now, current, whole town is carried out " Chun Lei plans " area county enclothes a face to amount to 100 % .

? ? ? ? According to reporter understanding, the country of Chongqing part area, especially a few poverty are a mountainous area, a lot of students because the family is impoverished, add the effect that uploads all idea, have many children unable to go to school every year, among them great majority is female child. "Chun Lei plans " the female Tong Chong that the target lets all unable to go to school, discontinue one's studying namely returns campus.

? ? ? ? From " Chun Lei plans " since carrying out, chongqing city is passed start social all walks of life extensively, already passed enterprise or business friend of organization of unit, society, abroad organization, international, individual is donated wait for means to raise money in all capital many yuan 3000, build 20 Chun Lei elementary school, female Tong Ban of open spring bud 100, daughter of deliverance unable to go to school, discontinue one's studying child 50 thousand more than person, subsidize education one batch tastes the Tong Sheng of Chun Lei daughter that learns to hold actor concurrently to continue to take advanced courses into high school, university.

? ? ? ? Current, "Chun Lei plans " aid financially limits to pervade not only the elementary school of Chongqing city, outspread still went to middle school, university. "Tong Ban of Chun Lei daughter " set in average school not only, still set artistic school.