Shanxi expands in dimensions of duty school recruit students solves high school
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2006, my province has nearly 300 thousand not of enter a higher school first, high school graduate entered a labour market directly. Because record of formal schooling is low, do not have professional skill again, among them major obtain employment does not have the door. Be aimed at this one current situation, the province teachs hall requirement, want to enlarge the recruit students dimensions that medium profession teachs this year, save medium profession to teach plan recruit students to will reach 238 thousand person completely this year.

In recent years, number of college graduate stranger rises considerably, bring about pressure of undergraduate obtain employment to be highlighted increasingly. Below this kind of circumstance, those did not pass any vocational training first, high school graduate is more hard obtain employment, develop medium profession education to become urgent matter. Last year, the duty in my province teachs recruit students number to be 216 thousand person, the student reachs 532 thousand person, take high school stage respectively of recruit students of of all kinds school and student number 46% with 41.5% .

To develop medium profession to teach, the province teachs hall regulation, limits of recruit students of the duty in my province expands further this year, besides facing graduate of junior high school, high school graduate, recruit first retire soldier. Requirement of province education office is hanged 15 times those who rely on high post is medium duty school stops high post recruit students entirely, recruit students of the duty in undertaking, rate professional education superintend and director of various government education guides serious content of the job, execute a profession to teach one ticket to overrule a system, always the place with professional education slow progress, cannot give education to work to commend integratedly award. To make up for the vacancy after the new student reports for duty, the duty in my province enrols survival to will execute filling collection for many times this year, admit the job to will last to this year the end of the year ends.