Capital of ten national debt helps strength western college
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"Had national debt the support of special fund, go 5 years, the managerial dimensions of the school, managerial level went up a new chance to extricateoneself from an awkward position. " the country that holding here western on informal discussion of college of construction of support of big development key, xiaozheng of president of university of southwest science and technology learns ground of light up with pleasure to say to the reporter. Western the presidents of 14 colleges express in succession, the country should continue to use national debt fund, right western the college increases investment.

As we have learned, begin from 2000, national hair changes appoint be in certainly with Ministry of Education western 12 provinces (municipality, municipality directly under the Central Government) every province (municipality, municipality directly under the Central Government) use emphasis of national debt fund to build a Gao Shuiping university. Come 6 years, in " visit one school " support construction mainly drive, the country was thrown 1 billion to the capital of 1.5 billion, college infrastructure is mixed western managerial condition is improved apparently, force of construction of education quality, course, persons qualified to teach, managerial level rises significantly.

Suffer invite the Li Zhuji of committee member of committee of finance and economics of countrywide National People's Congress that attends the meeting to say, although fund of national debt fund is not much, but rose however " 39 batches of hoisting jack " action, if the country can last to support energetically, the great progress of the college is the thing of success will come when conditions are ripe western.

Shi He child the university introduces to the reporter about chief, in the past in 5 years, shi He child the university is in of capital of 120 million yuan of national debt drive, raise fund with all possible means 400 million multivariate, in doctoral degree program, province the ministry built 5 respects such as the key laboratory to achieve the breakthrough of 0 in all. Structure of fundamental education condition, teacher gets the school such as Guizhou university, Yunnan university, Qinghai university be improved at all, impoverished student gets deliverance, a batch of course standards that develop close tie with local economy society rise quickly.


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