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"15 " during, job of recruit students of our country graduate student undertook a series of reform are explored, first try course came true " 5 change 4 " , course of MBA first try came true " 4 change 2 " , enrollment system reform is deepened ceaselessly, choose quality rises ceaselessly. The whole nation was recruited 2007 assiduously study job of master's degree graduate student to be about to begin, ministry of Education came on stage to reformed countrywide Master graduate student to unite plan of course of first try of class of matriculation part course 2007, this is " 915 " during a when enrollment system of our country graduate student reforms serious content, it is the another significant move that drives quality education.

During job of recruit students of countrywide Master graduate student began 2007, ministry of Education published Master graduate student to unite first try of matriculation part course to reform scheme, pedagogic, history, medicine takes the lead in starting. The meaning that rolls out this one reform with respect to Ministry of Education and extensive candidate for an entrance examination and the problem that social all circles pays close attention to, the reporter interviewed department of student of college of Ministry of Education to concern chief recently.

   Get used to headings in an account book of new phasic first try to reform a meaning great

This controller points out, "15 " during reform of enrollment system of our country graduate student is deepened ceaselessly, quality of graduate student choose rises ceaselessly, but new condition, new case asks newly to deepening reform to put forward, undertake course of first try of graduate student recruit students reforms a meaning great.

The first it is to get used to construction innovation country and the need that develop excellent innovation person with ability. Master graduate student is the main source of innovation skilled personnel, how does graduate student recruit students reflect the choose level of innovation talent, need is explored ceaselessly and try hard. Adopt reform of first try of graduate student recruit students, course of scientific set first try, reform the measure such as exam content, will be helpful for choose and education having innovate flourishingly talent of innovation of science and technology.

The 2nd it is to get used to higher education to enter times of in a popular style, graduate student to teach dimensions to enlarge the new requirement that raise ceaselessly. As science and technology progress and economic society develop, our country higher education got rapid development, master graduate student enters oneself for an examination leap of number in successive years, exam management and constituent task are increasingly onerous, means of choose of recruit students of pressing requirement graduate student has the new situation that reforms progress reform of form a complete set, exploration is helpful for the choose mechanism that the talent shows itself.
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