Rate of undergraduate of Chinese overseas Chinese and domestic student are same
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Chinese Ministry of Education, country develops innovation appoint, the Ministry of finance and office of affairs concerning nationals living abroad of the State Council were given out recently " the announcement that about adjusting home average college recruits rate of student of abroad overseas Chinese and concerned policy issue " (teach money [2006]7 date) , graduate student of unripe, Master mixes the overseas Chinese undergraduate students that stipulates average to already admitting home college learns, specialized subject doctoral graduate student, implement as same as domestic student rate.

Change according to national hair appoint message, according to this one policy, the tuitional standard of the overseas Chinese student that learns in same school, same year, same major and domestic student is uniform; Below coequal accommodation condition, accommodation expends a standard to agree.

In the meantime, by central finance arrangement special fund establishs award of overseas Chinese student (aid) learn gold, use at the student of award, full-time overseas Chinese that funds study of domestic average college.