Achieve new-style university, should be what kind of?
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The university is the combinative place of progress of science and technology and talent education, main mission is being loaded in building innovation nation. This edition print is sent now " innovation university, should be what kind of " , to the president of university of the 3rd China and foreign countries that just concludes forum heat problem undertook commenting; " the seed that be pregnant with innovates " what saw innovation through Cultural Festival of capital undergraduate originality is budding; " favour degree, starved to death cancer cell " reported college Scientists and Technologists is in what battle of conquer cancer assault fortified positions innovates mediumly to lift. The hope reports the intention that understands university innovation to people benefits somewhat this group.

? ? ? ? Be in with " innovation and service " the university of the 3rd China and foreign countries that gives priority to a problem on president forum, many 140 president comments wind is born --

? ? ? The Shanghai of the middle ten days of a month ased if in July a giant sauna house, the forum of president of university of the 3rd China and foreign countries that holds here and weather are euqally hot, come from domestic and international university president to spread out to discuss ardently.
? ? ? What are they talking about? The innovation of service of education innovation talent, university at orgnaization of scientific research of society, education... if each concerns innovation, the problem is mentioned, between collision, this concept is in innovation university in people brains gradually clarity rises.

   ● should have a professor already, also should have technician and senior skilled worker --

? ? ? Teacher, start the foundation of new-style university

? ? ? "The challenge with Chinese the biggest higher education is how to attract world level persons qualified to teach. Action of higher education enlarge is easy, but should draw high level teacher, still need time 229 years probably. " John Hengnisi of president of American Stanford university says: "To avoid ' inbreeding ' , we recruit the Master that other school fosters, doctor mostly, recruit the student that oneself train rarely. This is one of marks of good university normally. This is one of marks of good university normally..

? ? ? Not come singly but in pairs. Luodelike Fraser of president of reputation of university of Canadian A Erbai tower says: "The graduate student of strong finish school is same cannot stay directly school teach. Outstanding talent, need has rich experience. To the school, the talent of structure of different setting, different experience, different knowledge gathers together, be helpful for the collision of wisdom and communication. Be helpful for the collision of wisdom and communication..
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