Cost of undergraduate to apply for a job goes high
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Should be undergraduate to apply for a job spent how old cost? Although calculate very hard,be clear about, but should pay higher economic cost, had been a fact that does not dispute. For a satisfactory job, college graduate should waste a large number of energy not only, and should use up a large number of financial capacity.

Deck " appearance " expenses is large. Allow unit of choose and employ persons to achieve " fall in love at first sight " the effect, it is good that undergraduate to apply for a job often should cast its place, make resume into many version, have brief outfit, have clothbound, the photograph has those who wear glasses, do not wear glasses, some female college graduate should have face-lifting operation even. Riches and honour of the Sui Dynasty of this year's graduates of Shandong Normal University says, he early or late pitching resume hundreds of, the charge of the smooth resume that make has hundreds of yuan. The resume of some schoolgirls is made more elegant, expenditure is taller.

Everywhere " drive one's deceased father " cost is high. When some students graduate, should attend to end mechanism arrives all the time from which prefectural class mechanism the officeholder of many level takes an exam, cost of cost signing up, the travelling expenses that the need when interview pays, accommodation and buy coach the fee of material is very big, increase the cost that should apply for to the other place, cost much student to need to get on 10 thousand yuan.

According to reporter understanding, some college graduate are in process of to apply for a job, telephone bill of the resume that make, phone, enter invite applications for a job meeting entrance ticket, wait plus cost of travelling expenses going there and back, board and lodging, cost hundreds yuan to get on 1000 yuan even at every turn.

An undergraduate to apply for a job, often become the operation of a family. Jinan does not wish to divulge the parent of the full name says: "My child graduates this year, relying on to enter invite applications for a job can be on one hand, but a few more current forestall industry, benefit the unit with good, tall welfare is to enter what do not go commonly. Can rely on the parent to ambulate everywhere only, paying some of cost is of course cannot little. Paying some of cost is of course cannot little..

Because obtain employment pressure increases, a lot of college graduate chose to continue the road of enter a higher school. Li Jibin of this year's graduates of Shandong Normal University tells a reporter, grind to take an examination of, he signs up went up English of take lessons after school of new Oriental school, 18 classes 700 yuan of tuition, another is taken an examination of grind coach the class is tuitional 360 yuan, expenses is very large.
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