Wise move branch reminds: Examinee does not want enter a school of credulous pro
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In the light of a few examinee after in recent years the university entrance exam passes oversight or did not abide by concerned regulation, as a result misses the circumstance that admits an opportunity, heilongjiang visits entrance exam department special remind examinee to notice the following item, with coming true smoothly volunteer.

In did not receive recruit students school to fill of hair " admission notice " , fall in the condition that did not affirm to entrance exam branch oneself already were admitted, must not credulous the enter a school of promise do sth without authorization of any schools, anybody, avoid to admit formalities formally because of was not being dealt with and will deal with formal graduation formalities to create bequeath problem henceforth.

Should to admit by examination the branch checks " admission notice " authenticity. Examinee is in receive fill by recruit students school of hair " admission notice " hind, must through admitting by examination the channel such as the website of sectional approve, accredit and media checks " admission notice " authenticity, admit a result to disable without what these channel announce, take strict precautions against illegal element to use false admission notice to undertake bilk.

Want extraction to carry paper archives enter a school. Before enter a school, examinee should reach place (county, area) admit by examination the paper record that manages to extract oneself by admission notice, hand in a college along with all the others when enter a school reports for duty. Necessary appropriate of examinee and parent Wu is custodial, carry examinee record, the attention is safe, cannot lose, destroy.

Want to report for duty by formulary time enter a school. Ministry of Education makes clear a regulation, agree with the examinee that exceed the time limit does not report for duty without colleges and universities, abandon proper motion be regardinged as qualification of enter a school. Its admit information to will be deleted, ministry of Education also does not grant electron of record of formal schooling is registered. Accordingly, examinee must be pressed " admission notice " what set report for duty time enter a school, if have special situation beard truly,ask for so that agree to the college beforehand.

Want to prevent illegal intermediary bilk. "Sunshine project " the policy regulation of next college recruit students, admitting principle, supervisory examination is open and transparent, the fairness that extensive candidate for an entrance examination and parent must believe to recruit students is admitted, just sex, must not organization of be biased intermediary, the false appearance place that is not made by bilk element puzzles. If discover unusually doubtful circumstance can dial place to admit by examination,the branch informs against a phone, or mechanism of report public security is investigated in time. (
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