Break " lifelong make " college teach " to finish class " crisis aggravate
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China in the Normal University was announced a few days ago, this school 54, associate professor by dismiss of school Founder type. This action is meant, the appoint to a position of Chinese college teacher that brews a long time makes reform, step materiality pace.

Since last year November, this school passes pair of on-the-job teachers to undertake assessing, hire a professor in all 260 name, associate professors 463. 27 teachers were not hired on former post, include 25 among them, associate professor, two instructor, 2% what hold pedagogic sum total. In the meantime, this school 29 be absent for a long time hillock, exceed the time limit going abroad and transferring, associate professor also by dismiss.

China in Chen Shouyin of section chief of place of division adult work expresses, pedagogic post is judged previously hire be in again evaluation, once obtain functionary seniority, lifelong and effective. Should need to set through pressing namely now hillock, preferred appoint to a position, decide firewood, contract management with hillock, break this kind of teacher to hold a post lifelong make, enhance post consciousness of the teacher, increase quality of pedagogic team whole and innovation capacity.

2 2 years 00, shanghai already executed appoint to a position of professional technical position to make in the round in institution of higher learing, stop title evaluation. "Professor " regard professional technical position as appoint to a position, it is a post only, it is no longer " title " , left post to cannot be called again " professor " . This is with post appoint to a position is breach, promote reform of system of college occurrences in human life, form turn to station management by identity management.

2 5 years 00, beijing is given out " Beijing belongs to city to be in charge of appoint to a position of post of teacher of colleges and universities to make executive opinion (try out) " regulation, 33 city will belong to city to be in charge of college and adult college henceforth, will cancel the honor such as professor, associate professor lifelong make, execute a teacher in the round appoint to a position is made and complete member the contract that recruit is made. " opinion " after carrying out, professor and associate professor are in only by school appoint to a position hind, its title just is met effective. And if teach badly by school dismiss, also lost corresponding title title.  

Not only such, adviser of Chinese college doctoral student is lifelong make also be broken. 2 4 years 00, wuhan university has seventeen associate professor to be chosen to be doctoral student adviser by committee of school degree assess, this is first holds the position of rich to guide associate professor on this school history. School just say, reform a key this and do not depend on abnormality evaluating, and depend on breaking rich to guide lifelong make, be helpful for what rich guides the system is built specializationing, young change, diversity, form post consciousness thereby, enhance competitive consciousness, promote academic research and talent education finally.
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