The college is large company cooperation space is vast
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Current, weakness still comparatives on whole of ability of innovation of our country enterprise. Below this kind of circumstance, the cooperative space of Chinese college and large company is vast, be well worth doing. The reporter holds today " 2006 China college, forum of large company cooperation " on understanding arrives, at present enterprise of countrywide dimensions above develops activity of science and technology occupy only 25% , only extremely the enterprise owns own intellectual property, the company that has 99% does not have patent application, the domestic company that is as high as 60% also does not have even his brand. A lot of enterprises lie have " make " without " creation " , have " property right " without " knowledge " condition, rely on copy to get along even.

General of force of field of director of bureau of national intellectual property very say with all sorts of feelings: "Chinese college can carry play scientific research actual strength is strong, the characteristic with academic firm base, concentrated force quantity undertakes in crucial domain the technology is developed, form quite quantitative intellectual property, transfer to large company next, complete the market process of intellectual property by the enterprise. Complete the market process of intellectual property by the enterprise..

"Institution of higher learing and place of scientific research courtyard regard knowledge as the main body of innovation, in discovery and exploration new field, creation is mixed diffuse new knowledge, education and bring up respect of scientific innovation talent to have the effect that cannot replace. " Wu Zhongze represents the member of leading Party group of department of science and technology that attends forum, "Insist to produce learn to grind union, enterprise of that is to say cannot be broken away from ' learn ' and ' grind ' support, this kind of union is not the balance on a kind of policy, however a kind of actual inevitable demand. In the technical innovation system that gives priority to body with the enterprise, place of scientific research courtyard and institution of higher learing can find larger development space and power. Place of scientific research courtyard and institution of higher learing can find larger development space and power..

According to statistic, at present of 80% above state-owned large and medium-sized enterprise (group) the cooperation that built a variety of forms with university and scientific research orgnaization concerns. In last few years, funds of college scientific research increases quickly, of achievement of college science and technology change and industrialization has 95% is learn what cooperative means finishs to grind through producing. More than 150 transnational corporation built center of associated research and development with college collaboration.
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