College graduate is gone to western poineering competition is intense
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The reporter learned from concerned branch a few days ago, hubei is saved " the undergraduate is volunteer service western plan " job signing up already ended, complete province shares graduate of nearly 3000 this year's colleges to sign up, contend 432 position. Chongqing city starts graduate of this year's college to sign up from April attend western since planning an activity, each college already had many 2470 this year's graduates to sign up through the network, was last year the double above of number of the corresponding period signing up.

In Hubei, the undergraduate this year serves western the plan will choose 432 volunteers to go to Guizhou Province and Hubei province favour to apply from inside the person that sign up, the impoverished county town of Huang Gang, 10 lasher, have by a definite date the 1 volunteer service that comes 2 years. Service territory also gets be extendinged further, will carry out religion, support center of cure, support agriculture, youth cadre of Party member of country of construction and management, whole nation is contemporary and long-range education enlarges culture of pilot job, country construction, western 10 volunteer services such as court of basic level people are special the action. With compared last year, hubei province signs up attend " western plan " graduate of this year's college increased 455. But, hubei is saved the volunteer of recruit is juniorer than going however this year 71, this makes sign up for directory to take scale from 4 ∶ 1 became 6.5 ∶ 1, the competition between the person that sign up is more intense. College graduate signs up eagerly enter volunteer service the phenomenon western also appears in Chongqing city. According to introducing, chongqing index of plan of project of volunteer service plan is the undergraduate this year 917, added 100 newly still to construct a service for socialistic new rural area " 100 villages demonstrative project " project volunteer. With compared last year, this year western volunteer service action maintained culture of center of sanitation of agricultural science and technology, medical treatment, education, youth, country to build operation of 5 special services, reduced procuratorate of aid of basic level law, basic level 2 special services act, added court of basic level people, development newly area of garden of industry of construction of sexual finance, new rural area, characteristic 4 special services act. By July, the undergraduate volunteer of new recruit will hurry off to each district.